Aloha and greetings from Kona on the Island of Hawaii, home of Original Hawaiian Chocolate - the only chocolate of its kind in the world! Beginning in 1997 we have dedicated ourselves to creating the most delicious and unique of chocolates - 100% Hawaiian made and grown. There is something about our volcanic soil, Island showers and tropical Hawaiian sun that blesses the cacao trees with a unique flavor that is world renowned. We are the first producers to grow and process 100% Hawaiian cacao chocolate. We process only Big Island grown cocoa beans. Our processing factory is completely self-contained, assuring total quality control from the fields to the final chocolate bars. We invite you to experience our exceptionally unique chocolate, grown, harvested, processed and packaged in Hawaii - America’s own. Remember, Chocolate is Aloha! Mahalo -





How Our Cocoa Beans Become Chocolate Bars


1 It all starts with tiny cacao blossoms.


2 Pollinated flowers develop small pods, which can take 5 months to mature.


3 Ripe cacao pods are brightly-colored and ready for harvest.


4 Cacao pods are harvested using hand pruners and extendable sickles.


5 Harvested pods are cut open to extract the raw cocoa beans, which are collected in buckets and weighed.


6 Raw cocoa beans are fermented for 6-8 days in special “sweat boxes”, where they naturally heat up to 122º and “sweat” off their coatings.


7 The beans are then placed on drying racks in the sun for 22-28 days, until their moisture content reaches 7%.


8 Sun-dried beans are then roasted to lock in their flavor.


9 Roasted beans are sent to the winnower, which removes the shell and breaks the beans into bits called nibs.


10 The nibs are ground in the conch for 2 hours, creating a concentrated liquid called cocoa mass. Vanilla and lecithin (an emulsifier) are added, along with other ingredients for dark or milk chocolate. Conching continues for 18 more hours producing a velvety smooth texture. Traveling from the conch through the holding tank, the chocolate arrives at the temperer.


11 The chocolate cools for 2-1⁄2 hours from 120º to 86º. In the temperer, the cocoa butter crystals stabilize, giving the finished chocolate a brisk snap and satin sheen.


12 Each piece of chocolate is hand-poured, then cooled.


13 The chocolate is then removed from the plastic mold and hand-packed in a temperature controlled “cold room”. Our unique packaging is perfect for gifts and sharing sweet memories of Hawaii! The hands that pick, process and create our chocolate are often the same ones that carefully pack and ship it to you. Pure Hawaiian goodness - from seedlings to bars of melt-in-yourmouth delight. Since we only produce a limited amount we treat each bar with tender loving care. We're very proud to offer our Original Hawaiian Chocolate for everyone to appreciate this rarest of life's pleasures.



78-6772 Makenawai Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740